What, Where, and How: Top Questions to Ask When Purchasing Tires for Your Vehicle

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These three simple questions can help you tremendously when buying your next set of tires.

What are your car’s tire requirements?

Hopefully you know the make, model, and year of your car in order to make the best tire choice. You can also take a look on the side of your tire to find a code of letters and numbers to figure out the type of tire you will need. If you happen to know where your VIN plate is, that can also clue you in on which tires to purchase for your vehicle. Also find out whether you need different front and rear tire sizes. This is important as most European luxury vehicles offer a “staggered” wheel and tire setup as this is called.

Where do you live?

Tires are the sole connection between your car and the pavement, so it’s very important to consider what your road conditions will be like year-round. If you live in Arizona, your tire requirements are going to be different from those of a person in Wisconsin. Areas that get medium to heavy snowfall require seasonal winter tires to ensure safe driving and top performance. Very hot areas may need summer tires. And if you live in a year-round mild climate, a good all-season tire just might suit all your seasonal tire needs.

How are your driving habits?

If you often drive on rural or unpaved roads, you will likely need a heavier-duty tire than if you drive in the city. Also consider whether you use your car for everyday commuting purposes, to haul heavy loads, or to open up at top speeds on the racetrack. Your driving habits can play a big role in the type of tire you choose and Next Tires has options to fit all of your needs.

If you’re still unsure of your tire needs, we’re here to help! Just call our support line at 1-800-360-5459 and we’ll help you find the right tire for you. Or, you can email us at support@nexttires.com. For your convenience, here are some quick links to some of our most popular tire offerings.

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