Next Tires – Pre-travel Tire Tips For An Upcoming Road Trip

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Been cooped up because of COVID and now you’re planning to hit the road for a road trip? Well we understand, and we here at Next Tires want to make sure your car or truck is road trip ready with these pre-travel tips.          

Under the Hood, check:

*  Oil – if it’s almost time for a change, go ahead and change the oil.  If not, check levels and top off as necessary

*  Transmission fluids – Check your user manual for tips on how to check your transmission fluid, and to determine ideal change intervals

* Coolant – Check coolant levels and top off if necessary

*  Wiper fluid – Test the wiper mechanism to ensure everything works properly; ensure that wiper fluid is filled

*  Hoses and belts – Inspect belts for signs of cracking, tearing or wear.  If possible, stow an extra set of belts in the event one breaks while you’re on the road

*  Battery – Check the battery for any signs of corrosion, leaking battery acid or other signs that that it needs replacement.  Check terminals for proper connection.

Also check:

* Tire pressure – Consult the panel on the inside of the driver’s door for the appropriate tire pressure for your vehicle.   (The number listed on the tire is simply the maximum pressure that the tire can hold).

*  Tire condition – Check the entire tire, including sidewalls, tread and edges, for signs of significant wear or damage.  Do the same for the spare tire to ensure it is in roadworthy condition in the event that you need it.

*  Windows, doors and seals: Do a quick visual inspection of the outside of the car.  Check windows and doors to ensure everything is in good condition.


Owner’s manual – This should always be in your vehicle, as it contains invaluable information that you might not think you need – until you need it

Maps – Even if you have a GPS navigation system in your car, a set of maps (or even better, an atlas) covering the route you’re travelling is invaluable

First aid kit – From dealing with minor injuries to sudden sickness, a first aid kit is a must have in any vehicle

Basic toolbox – Many problems that can happen on a road trip are simple fixes, if you’re prepared with basic tools. 

Tire repair kit – In the event of a flat, you should have a tire patch kit, a can of fix-a-flat,

Now that we’ve shared the basic checklist of what you should have prior to your road trip, we also want to share that if you find yourself needing tires, please contact us here at Next Tires or call our support team at 1-800-360-5459. We can help you get the tires you need so you don’t miss out on your long awaited and much anticipated road trip!